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The d'Arenberg Cube has been a focal point in the local McLaren Vale tourism scene since late 2017. It immersed CPR Engineers in an iconic project recognised world wide.

Now through an in-depth insight from the owner, wine maker and Cube designer, Chester Osborn, we discover the ride through the projects design and construction phases as well as an account of CPR Engineers' experience. produced this video. - d'Arenberg Cube

An account of the structural challenges and what motivated CPR's Engineers to deliver Chester's extraordinary vision is also attached in "d'Arenberg Cube - a structural engineers perspective".


Concrete frameThe Cube's facade

CPR Melbourne Cup 2018

The 2018 CPR Melbourne Cup - hors(e) d'oeuvres anyone?

Melb Cup 2018 1Melb Cup 2018 2Melb Cup 2018 3Melb Cup 2018 4

CPR Melbourne Cup 2019

CPR Melbourne Cup 2019 - a lot of horsing around...

Melb Cup 2019 1Melb Cup 2019 2Melb Cup 2019 3Melb Cup 2019 4

CPR Celebrates 15 Years!

On March 7th 2020, CPR celebrated a significant milestone of 15 years in operation! And what splendid 15 years it has been, working with great people on great projects to produce great built form – and well-engineered.
The office celebrated with a night out on the town, having a few good laughs seeing Stephen K Amos for his Fringe show, followed by hearty meal at the pub afterwards.
Here’s to another fantastic fifteen years!

CPR Melbourne Cup Lunch 2017

The 2017 CPR Melbourne Cup Birdcage - thrills, spills and a little bit of fancy!

(Photos by Beyond Imagination Entertainment)

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CPR Melbourne Cup Lunch 2016

Another Cup down... great day, great food and great company!

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